Proofreading, Editing, Writing, Translation, Author Coaching
I also offer English/German translation.

I offer a wide variety of editorial services to make your document shine. Please contact me to discuss your project, timeline, and budget.

  • Proofreading to remove typos, fix grammatical errors, and check for consistency in spelling technical terms, consistent layout of headers, bold/italic font, etc. For documents which are already in good shape and just need a quick final check before submission/publication.
  • Editing to improve clarity of expression. Includes proofreading as listed above, plus checking the table of contents, citation style, list of references (including cross-checking in-text citations against the bibliography). Occasional rewording of sentences to improve clarity/readability. For documents which need more work than just a quick final check. For documents written by ESL writers. Rule of thumb: if a page contains more than 10 errors, it needs to be edited, not proofread.
  • Substantive editing of documents which exist in draft form. Note: this service is not available to students, as it includes considerable re-writing/restructuring of the text.
  • Copywriting to ensure your text is accessible to non-specialist audiences.
  • Indexing of books.
  • Translation from English into German and vice versa.
  • Transcription of audio or video.
  • Coaching for authors and dissertation writers. Let me help you overcome writer’s block, procrastination, and organisational/project management problems.